WNW Area Recap

Recap the Five Article Series that explores how I implement Areas in my Where Not What System.

WNW Area Recap
Recap the Five Articles in the Area Series.

In this series, we took a look at Areas, the second part of the PARA organization method. The goal of the Area is simple, to create containers for information and priorities that represent parts of our lives that do not respond to a goal framework.

  • Projects represent now actions.
  • Areas represent soon action.
  • Resources represent future actions.
  • Archives represent past actions.

I wrote Five Posts that explore the thinking and use of Area Folders, and Area Templates.

Five Posts

  1. An Area Example
  2. The Area Template Explained
  3. Using the Areas Note
  4. Looking at Areas and Files
  5. Comparing Areas and Projects

Post one introduces the Area idea. The second post explains the template, and the headers in it. Post three shows how I use it in a specific way. Post four shows how this system extends beyond my note taking application to how I organize digital files, and finally, it wraps up by comparing the similarities and differences between areas and projects.

Each of those articles will hopefully help you have a better understanding of how I use Areas in my second brain.