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Scott Novis is the CEO and Founder of GameTruck Licensing LLC, a successful franchise business. He is a business coach, speaker, author, and innovator who loves to help small business owners achieve their potential. Scott is articulate, insightful, and intentional, with a caring nature. He values family, competence, purposefulness, and contribution.

Scott has accomplished much in his life, including earning two engineering degrees, overseeing the shipping of 15 video game titles, and launching the mobile video game party industry. He is a loving husband, father, friend, and respected business owner who cares deeply about his employees and franchise owners.

Scott's hobbies include riding his Harley, mountain biking, exploring innovative technologies, and playing Dungeons & Dragons when he gets the chance. Scott is an ambivert who believes most people want to be seen, heard, known, and accepted. He is a voracious reader and shares his insights through his blogs and social media posts.

Scott approaches business from a unique perspective. Thinking like a video game maker, he helps business owners and executives solve problems in ways that meet the needs of the customer and the employees. He seeks to be a relatable, interesting, and helpful resource. His goal is to shed new light on problems, provide insights, and improved tools and techniques to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Scott speaks on the following topics:

  • Personal Knowledge Management for Business Owners
  • Thinking like A Video Game Designer to Improve Employee Engagement.
  • Team Building with hands on interactive workshops
  • Don't Let Video Games Ruin Your Kids Life (or Yours)!

Personal Knowledge Share

You can find select pages from Scott's personal knowledge management system, here: https://publish.obsidian.md/scottnovis/

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