WNW A Project Example in Five Steps

WNW A Project Example in Five Steps

I wanted to show you how I use a project in as part of my Obsidian "second brain". A project is something I want to get done soon and it will take multiple steps. To demonstrate that I shared five steps.

First, I outlined how I start by creating a project folder, and a project plan note in Obsidian.
Blog Post here: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-project-example/

Next, I explained how I think about projects, the template I use to organize my thoughts, actions, and information.
Blog Post Here: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-my-project-plan-explained/

Third, I unpack some of the esoteric and technical aspects of my project template, covering community plugins Templeter, and Dataview.
Blog Post Here: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-obsidian-project-template-explained-in-detail/

Fourth, I show the template in action, how I gather research, and aggregate useful information from interviews into one spot. This also introduces other templates like the PeopleCard
Blog Post Here: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-a-project-in-use/

And finally, I back track a little, and give some of the justification for using Markdown - which is how Obsidian works with text files.
Blog Post Here: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-what-is-this-markdown-stuff/

So in summary, I start a project, explain the intention behind the template, the mechanics of how it works, then show it in action. I give some context for why it is formatted the way it is and there you have it. An in depth overview of how I work with a project.

Blog Post Table of Contents

  1. The start: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-project-example/
  2. The intent: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-my-project-plan-explained/
  3. The mechanics: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-obsidian-project-template-explained-in-detail/
  4. The use: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-a-project-in-use/
  5. The formatting: https://www.scottnovis.com/wnw-what-is-this-markdown-stuff/