WNW Project Example

This article starts walking through and example of How I use my Where Not What Second Brain.

A screen grab of my notebase showing the start of my book launch project.

After getting feedback from the community, I will spend a week focusing on ONE thing.

As you might recall, PARA stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. You can also call it GRIT - Goals, Roles, Interests, and Treasures (It's all valuable right?)


This week I'll start with a project. How do I work with projects? Let's have a look. I wrote a book. I now need to "launch" it. I don't have any clue how to do that. I'm going to need to figure that out. It's going to take research, talking to people, taking notes, and actually doing the work. A lot more than ONE step. David Allen said any task that is more than one step is a project. Well, my bar is a little higher... but not much higher. I liberally use project folders as 'work spaces' to contain the context of my work.


So, I start a project.

  1. Start in Obsidian. Create a folder in my 1. Projects Folder. I will call it Project-Book Launch.
  2. Create a file in that folder to be the "Home" Note for the project. Call it _Book Launch Plan. I always start a file with an underscore (_), but you could use a Zero (0) as well. Anything to make the file sort first.
  3. Open that file, and expand the template: DV Project Plan
  4. Take a moment to fill out the template capture my intentions and thoughts about the plan.

The important thing is that in less than 5 minutes I have a space to hold information about my book launch. As I begin to work on the plan, I will stir up a torrent of information, people to talk to, future notes to take, research on the web, and links to resources. This file will become the "hub" if you will of all that activity. It will be "The home Note" for all my thoughts and resources.

Next I'll walk through the template I use, and explain the parts of it.