Try the Password Game

Try the Password Game

The Key Idea

Instead of turning to your phones at dinner, try playing a fun social game to create connection.

Why It Matters

Smart phones are brutally efficient at capturing and holding our attention.  This causes relationships and conversation to suffer.  Researcher Sherri Terkle has studied the devastating effects this has on our relationships and our mental health.  Setting side our phones and giving structure and purpose through a game can help reconnect.

How to play

Here is a brief description of the game followed by the rules.

What is the Password Game?

The "Password" game is a popular word guessing game. In this game, two teams compete against each other. Each team consists of two players: one gives the clue and the other guesses the word. The clue-giver is given a 'password' and must provide one-word clues to help their teammate guess this password. The clue cannot be any part of the password itself or a direct translation if the word is in another language.

The guessing team gets a point if they guess the word correctly. If they don't guess it, the other team gets a turn. The teams alternate turns, and the game continues until a predetermined number of points is reached or a set number of rounds is played.

The challenge and fun of the game come from trying to communicate the essence of the word with very limited clues, often leading to creative and sometimes humorous attempts to convey the meaning.

What are the Rules?

Here are the concise rules for the "Password" game:

-  Teams: Two teams, each with two players (one clue-giver and one guesser). Not if you have more than two players per team, take turns guessing.  Password keeper also moves from round to round.

- Objective: Guess the 'password' from one-word clues.

- Gameplay:

 - A 'password' is given to one player of each team (the clue-giver).

 - The clue-giver provides a one-word clue to their teammate.

 - No part of the password or direct translations can be used in the clue.

- Guessing:

 - The guesser attempts to guess the password from the clue.

 - If correct, the team scores a point.

 - If incorrect, the other team gets a turn.

- Turns: Teams alternate turns giving and guessing clues.

- Winning: The game ends when a set number of points is reached or after a predetermined number of rounds, or dinner is served.


These rules provide a quick and easy way to understand and start playing the Password game.  The important thing is that you play.