Scott Novis
It's Time to Embrace Video Games




Wisdom of Practice

I bring more than two decades of experience in entrepreneurial innovation, video game industry experience, and working with children. I want to share what I’ve seen, learned, and put into practice. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do have some great tools that can help you achieve better outcomes for the people you care about most. Whether you are struggling with what to think about your children playing video games, or wondering how to build a company that delivers on its promises, I have some useful experience to share.


That was one of the best speeches of the last three years. I really loved the way he drew out his graphics. It held my attention.
— Ryan Englin, founder of CoreMatters


About Me

I am an inventor and serial entrepreneur. As the former Vice President of the Walt Disney Company, I racked up video game credits on 15 published titles for the Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo with 20 million units sold generating more than $2B in revenue. Before that, I completed two engineering degrees and was named on 11 patents.

In 2006, I jumped head-first into the mobile video game party industry, when I launched the now popular franchise company GameTruck. Every year, GameTruck holds more than 30,000 parties for children across the country. I’m also the founder and Chief Creative Officer for Bravous Youth Esports, a top youth esports academy.


Scott is an amazing speaker, his energy is infectious.
— Sheri Sender, Entrepeneur


What Do I Cover?

My style of speaking is direct, engaging, and energetic. I speak on a range of topics, from business execution to healthy video game strategies for parents. I take these hard topics, break them down to make them accessible – then, I give you new ways to think about them with tools designed to help you be effective. I am an active and visual speaker, and my talks include live sketchnoting. My speaking style focuses on the individual audience experience. I don’t want you to just listen to my words, I want you to join me as a citizen scientist and validate what I am telling you for yourself. This is your experience. My goal is to be your guide and show you new approaches and techniques for problem solving. I want you to think and feel differently about the topics we cover and leave empowered to explore new solutions.


From Whining to Winning: Strategies for Parenting in the Modern Video Game Era


I believe that most parents want to raise healthy, happy children prepared for the future. Many, however, feel that video games are an obstacle to these goals. The truth is, it’s worse than that. Most parents are misinformed about what video games actually are, and why they are so challenging to dismiss.  

In this talk, I help parents see gaming in a new light and give them the tools to approach the problem differently and ultimately, more successfully. Based on the latest in psychology research and more than two decades of working with kids as a coach and entrepreneur, I show parents how video games can be a powerful tool in preparing their children for a connected and rapidly changing future.

This talk includes an optional family workshop.

Nintendo Lab Workshop

This workshop puts parents in the position of experiencing what it feels like to be in tune with their children’s gaming. It is a fun, hands-on experience that is challenging without being competitive. It lasts 30-45 minutes. The STEM based program puts parents in a leadership position while the children assemble and decorate fun ToyCon projects. The hands-on program was a huge hit with Boys and Girls Clubs of America where it was conducted for more than 6,000 children in 10 cities nationwide in 2018.




From Promise to Performance: Operationalizing Your Brand


One of the keys to growth is having a team that can do quality work reliably without you (the owner) present every moment. In this talk, I outline a process for designing work and share the tools my teams actually use. I focus on how we get work done in my companies in a way that improves processes and performance.

The talk will demonstrate a clear alignment between your brand promise – and your work design to deliver on your customer’s expectations. Drawing upon years of real-life franchise experience and stories from the front line of a new start up, this session will give you real tools you can use today to improve your execution.

Your goal, as an execution expert, is not only to get work done, but to do it in a way that creates repeatable, scalable, trainable methods for others to use.