Day -1 : No Camping Gear

T Minus 24 hours to go. (Actually less) I've decided to leave the camping gear behind.

Day -1 : No Camping Gear
Yes at one point I had all of this on my Motorcycle.

It's kind of strange. My very first motorcycle was a Softtail Deluxe. I nicknamed her Willow because she reminded me of the character Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Josh Whedon who created the show once said something like, "Willow may seem like she gets into a lot of trouble, but she's the call to adventure. I would never hurt Willow."

My First Harley

I added 43,000 miles to Willow before I traded her in for Ember. But during the time, I managed to do multiple motorcycle camping trips. All of that gear you see in the box fit on Willow.

Yet, when I tried to pack for this trip, I couldn't make it. Why!? Probably because I can't stack stuff on Ember like I could on the back of Willow. Willow had a luggage rack, and with a few bundles it's amazing what you can stack on a motorcycle. Ember does not have a real luggage rack to speak of, but she does have a travel trunk.

And, I think this time, because I will need to do some work on the road, I am bringing a decent amount of electronics. When I camped with Willow, I brought my phone.

But, at the end of the day, I'm convinced it's the right thing to do.