Scott Novis
It's Time to Embrace Video Games





We don’t know each other yet, but you and I are thinking about the same things. Your child is a gamer who spends hours in front of their console, and, understandably, you’re worried for their future given everything you’ve been taught about this new, digital world. What you haven’t heard, however, is that gaming can actually provide the tools and essential life skills needed to be healthy, happy, and successful. I’m here to show you the undeniable value and unique opportunity that video games can present to your kids.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I listen to this guy?” That’s an excellent question. There are many experts in the world, some with PHDs and long lists of published articles. I’m not one of those guys.

What I am, or rather, who I am, is an engineer. Why should that matter to you? Because that means we can have a conversation. Instead of trying to prove to you what I know, I’m excited to share what I’ve seen and learned about video gaming and the role it can play in our children’s development. A lecture can teach, but a conversation can empower. Think of me as a scout, poking around on the fringes of a new, virtually unexplored frontier, reporting back what I see – and I want to invite you to come see for yourself.

Scouting the edges of technology is how I earned eleven patents. Understanding what makes games compelling is how I became a Vice President for the Walt Disney company. Knowing how children play with video games is how I created the mobile video game party industry when I founded GameTruck, the leading franchise company in that market.

Why should that matter to you? Because I believe my experience can save time, time you may not have to invest. Kids grow up fast. You need solutions to the issues you may face as the parent of a gen-z/gen alpha child now. Twenty years in the video game industry and 15 years of coaching kids gave me the luxury of trying many approaches. I can help you maximize your efforts so you can stop being afraid of video games and begin to unleash their power – and video games are powerful. Make no mistake.

We are in the midst of revolution. Video games are no longer the innocent diversions we grew up with. Modern competitive video gaming is the fastest growing sport in the world and sophisticated, connected games are changing the way our kids think and play. It’s a whole new game and no one bothered to teach you the rules, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I’m here to share with you what I’ve tried, and what I’ve learned over the past thirty five years. I want to give you the tools to prepare your child for their future. I’m going to do my best to connect the dots for you, so you can connect the dots for your children.

It’s time to shift the conversation about video games and start making this exciting, wondrous technology work for us and the children we care about. So, let’s get started.

Talk soon.



About Bravous Youth Esports

Years ago, I realized video gaming had to change. I saw the need for it and parents’ concern. So, I created Bravous, a video game league where players in the 3rd-12th grades can train, play and compete in person. Bravous offers a structured environment with pro coaches. Our players get the chance to experience healthy competition and build skills that stick with them for life. Our unique approach uses gaming as a real-life tool to produce positive outcomes and results. Today, Bravous is the top youth esports academy in the US.

Bravous Youth Esports is changing youth sports – with esports. Bravous provides a safe, engaging place where kids can come together, compete, play and learn skills to succeed in life.


About GameTruck

GameTruck is a franchise I founded in 2006 while living in Arizona. I was inspired by traditional video game arcades. My vision was to create a fun, social space where modern games and consoles come together. So, I found the solution in GameTruck. GameTruck throws parties that kids love and remember. They’re packed with exciting games and the latest gaming equipment. Our events connect gamers and entertain them. Today, GameTruck serves more than 30 states across the country.

GameTruck makes your next event fun and stress-free. GameTruck combines modern games and consoles to throw a memorable and exciting party for guests and hosts alike.